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What are the Indian Motorcycle Families?

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As your trusted powersports dealership, Elway Powersports of Lincoln is eager to help you find the perfect Indian motorcycle for your needs. Before starting your motorcycle journey, be sure to check out our guide to the Indian families so you can narrow down your search.



The Scout family of Indian motorcycles offers riders a selection of bikes with classic lines and a confident, nimble riding experience. The exceptional power-to-weight ratio ensures thrilling performance on every ride. With a stable body, low center of gravity, and nimble lightweight design, these motorcycles deliver an exhilarating experience.



FTR motorcycles feature a stripped-down style that provides an agile ride, perfect for various types of journeys. Whether it's a fast-paced joy ride or a long trip, the comfortable riding positions allow you to conquer any route with ease. Equipped with powerful 1203cc liquid-cooled V-twin engines and responsive handling, these bikes deliver both exceptional performance and excitement.



The Cruiser family is all about the joy of the ride, offering stylish motorcycles with a relaxed riding position, forgiving steering, and a low center of gravity for easy control and comfort. These bikes embody classic styling, capturing the essence of timeless design with perfect proportions and premium finishes. With smooth power, lightweight frames, and low seat heights, they provide an effortless ride accessible to riders of all experience levels, seamlessly combining power and maneuverability.



For riders seeking ample cargo storage, the Bagger family is a lineup not to be missed. Saddlebags provide abundant space for riding gear and cargo. Whether you're cruising the backroads or commuting daily, customizable frames, fork-mounted fairings, and windshields protect you from every element.



Touring bikes are the perfect choice for long drives, offering low seat height, fairings, and floorboards that enhance the riding experience for both riders and passengers. Complete protection from windshields, fairings, and lowers ensures a comfortable ride in any weather condition. The bike's saddlebags, trunk, and lower fairing storage offer ample cargo space for all your essentials. Powered by high-displacement V-twin engines, touring bikes provide the necessary power to conquer long distances with ease.


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