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From rich history to innovative models, Indian motorcycles provide a unique riding experience. As America’s first motorcycle brand, Indian bikes are guaranteed to give you a thrill. As your trusted Indian dealership, Elway Powersports of Lincoln is proud to offer a selection of Indian motorcycles and parts to our customers. 

Why Choose an Indian Motorcycle?

Indian Motorcycles date back to the early 1900s meaning the company has had years to fine tune their craft. These bikes play a key role in motorcycle history, allowing you to join a family of riders the second you hop on your bike.

Beyond its rich history, Indian bikes continue to push the boundaries of excellent craftsmanship. Each bike is carefully designed for optimal performance. Whether you are looking for a long cruiser or thrill rider, there is an Indian for you. There are an array of Indian models perfect for every ride including FTR, Chief, Roadmaster, Elite, and more body styles! With this array of bikes, Indian motorcycles are for everyone, helping to expand the community of riders even further. 

The Indian brand represents excellence, which is why each bike comes equipped with premium features. Available Smart Lean Technology enhances your control in even the sharpest turns while cruise control helps alleviate throttle fatigue. Built-in displays with smartphone connectivity allow you to set the soundtrack for each ride while using your favorite navigation apps. No matter what you choose, an Indian motorcycle guarantees a fun ride!

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If you are ready to join the Indian motorcycle community we invite you to stop into Elway Powersports of Lincoln. With a team of experts ready to help you, we are the go to destination for Indian bikes and parts in the area. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us online!

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